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Free Ugg boots contest XD



   Theres a contest to win a free pair of Uggs as we all know Uggs have been really popular item in fashion since they first came out and we all know how comfy and snug they are 🙂 so why not just enter this contest and try your luck to win a pair Uggs are not only perfect for the winter but there excellent with anything so for the contest rules and entry look here and good luck for the ones who enter this contest give away 🙂 this contest is open to anyone and everyone in any country so dont hesitate to enter. The contest is by Whooga Ugg boots



Hey everyone I’m loooking for more writers to contribute to this blog if your interested contact me at or you can leave a comment with this post or from the one before 🙂

well back on track todays poll is which group or artist do you want me to do a lookof if the group isnt on the list leave a comment on th look you want me to do as well if you do vote for a group or singer and you want a specific look of the person you voted and I’ll post the look for you as soon as possible I’m still getting used to college to find free time is kinda hard but when i get used to things I’ll be following a schedule. Well anyways heres the poll

In need of writers for this blog

Hey I posted this in the post from  before but if you are interested in writing for kpopfashionandtrends then email me here at with an example of an article that you’ve written about fashion

Requirements are the following

1) has to have a username to WordPress

2)must be able to post at least twice a week

3) Must love Kpop Fashion XD lol

4) and someone who can speak english lol because I am not Korean so I obviously don’t know any Korean Though I wasnt to learn for now I don’t know any lol

Requirements arent actually much lol

Another announcement is that I really ant more people to know about this blog so I’m gonna need help from you readers to try to help me get people to know more about this blog even though it’s not the best right now I’m still in the process of getting used to Blogging since I’ve never done anything like this before so if someone has any suggestions or can help me leave a comment or contact me at and this is all for now I’ll try to post again soon and hopefully theyre will be more members to the KpopF&T’s Team XD

Update 2NE1 Week is no more :(

Sadly I will be putting a stop to 2NE1 week since it’s hard for me to keep posting everyday or as much as i want to since I am busy with college now what I would like to do is ask for help from people who would like to help me manage this blog and who can help spread the word of this blog as well if you are interested in helping me you can contact me at or you can leave a comment on this post and i will get back to you.  If there are any requests send it and I will do my best to fufill it and leave comments I will try to post when ever I have any free time but with school now back in session and it being college it will be more difficult to post so I’m still going to try my best to update.

2NE1 Style Week Dara’s and CL’S 11st commercial look


Well we are back on track with 2NE1 week Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol so for my first post back I’ll do the 2NE1 11st commercial look. Though I do have to warn you the looks are kinda pricy. This time though for Dara’s look its a more affordable price rather than CL’S. Both of their shirts are from topshop Dara’s EEK!!! tee actually comes in three different shirts I think there was another one because when i went to the topshop here in NYC I saw more than 2. And Dara’s jean are the same ones she wore in the promo pic from I Don’t Care so i used a different pair of pants this time there also acid wash jeans but when you do that to jeans the results arent always the same. If you want those smae pants You can look at that post and you’ll find the link there.

 Well I hope that this post was helpful to everyone and please send requests on more looks you want me to put up and I apologize for the long delay but I am back now so send in requests or tips and I'll get right to it the next post will come in tomorrow with CL'S I Don't Care look so hope everyone has a great day and help me spread the word for KPopfashionandtrends long title right lol. and I will complete the 11st commercial look for Minji and Bom as well tomorrow.

2NE1 week is back on schedule YAY!!!!!

Firts I want to apologize to my readers My computer had a virus and it’s finally fixed so 2NE1 week will be back with CL’s Fire and I Don’t Care look followed by Minjis Fire And I Dont Care Look and for something a little extra I’ll do 2NE1 lollipop look as well as their last farewell look I know its late but I have a lot of catching up to do to give evryone their 2NE1 dose before I start posting the next looks i have ready so keep posted I’ll have CL’s looks posted up later today since here in NYC it is currently 12:11am and I’am writing this from my Iphone so keep posted and request looks and leave comments please and help me spread the word for this blog the new post should be up by mid afternoon I’ll try to be quick so I don’t keep you guys waiting any longer it would be great if some of you guys can giv me feedback on how this blog is improvements that could be done and such thanks to all the readers and I’ll be posting up the new looks later today for now goodnight Oh and sorry for any grammar errors the batteries for my phone is low an I’m tryin to gey this done before the battery dies lol night everyone

Update on 2NE1 Week is on hold for now read for details

Hey everyone i want to apologize agin since. Have to put 2NE1 week on hold again it seems that my computer has a virus and it crashed on me that is actually a normal thing for me but I will be getting it fixed and right now I am writing this on my Iphone i cant do the posts for looks because i am very restricted on what i can do with this phone if someone knows how i can keep posting on my phone for 2NE1 week that will be great but for the moment enjoy the recent and past posts i put up and keep voting for the next look so that i can put it up when my computer gets fixed. Again so sorry i hate dissapointing my readers I promise I’ll make it up and make the next posts even better for you guys:) send me feedback and advice on how i fan improve. Till then enjoy the posts that are up now 🙂