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Announcement KpopFashionFL Has a new Writer Weolcome her :)

Well as all of the readers know I have been looking for  writer’s to help me update this blog and now I have a new Writer for the Blog so I hope everyone welcomes KpopYemein to the KpopFashionFL Team and Look out for her first post. Oh and also credit to her for the new blogs banner and layout she did it isnt it amazing :). I am still looking for more writers as I am now thinking about expanding this blog so that it can be more worldwide so say I live Here in the states so I use the stores available here to create a similar look for Kpop fans to dress like their favorite artists so to expand on this is like having another writer in Japan and using the stores around them and their area to create a kpop look for japanese fans I dont know if I’m making sense though lol so if your interested please don’t hesitate to contact me at Harujukulover@aol.comthe only requirement is to be able to communicate with me in english it doesnt have to be perfect english as long as you can write in english I have no problem in proof reading the articles before hand 🙂 and thanks again to KpopYemien I’ll also be looking out to your first post and welcome to the blog and again thanks for the banner



Hey everyone I’m loooking for more writers to contribute to this blog if your interested contact me at or you can leave a comment with this post or from the one before 🙂

well back on track todays poll is which group or artist do you want me to do a lookof if the group isnt on the list leave a comment on th look you want me to do as well if you do vote for a group or singer and you want a specific look of the person you voted and I’ll post the look for you as soon as possible I’m still getting used to college to find free time is kinda hard but when i get used to things I’ll be following a schedule. Well anyways heres the poll

In need of writers for this blog

Hey I posted this in the post from  before but if you are interested in writing for kpopfashionandtrends then email me here at with an example of an article that you’ve written about fashion

Requirements are the following

1) has to have a username to WordPress

2)must be able to post at least twice a week

3) Must love Kpop Fashion XD lol

4) and someone who can speak english lol because I am not Korean so I obviously don’t know any Korean Though I wasnt to learn for now I don’t know any lol

Requirements arent actually much lol

Another announcement is that I really ant more people to know about this blog so I’m gonna need help from you readers to try to help me get people to know more about this blog even though it’s not the best right now I’m still in the process of getting used to Blogging since I’ve never done anything like this before so if someone has any suggestions or can help me leave a comment or contact me at and this is all for now I’ll try to post again soon and hopefully theyre will be more members to the KpopF&T’s Team XD