Brown Eyed Girls are coming To New York XD


Yup you heard correctly the Brown Eyed Girls will be here in New York for the Chuseok Festival last year they had the wonder girls perform and this year it’s now the Brown Eyed Girls turn XD last year I didnt get to goe because I didnt find out about it till the day after but I will try my best to Go this year and post videos and some pictures if i get to go this year. I think admission is free but food you will have to pay I might have it wrong correct me if I am and it doesnt matter if your Korean or not for people who are not Korean like myself we get to experience a part of Korean culture. XD

The 27th Korean Harvest &Folk/Chuseok Festival will be on September 26 -27 at the Citi Field Stadium 126TH st. and Roosevelt Ave. Flushing New York

Other performances other than the Brown Eyed Girls Yang Hye Sung, Wax, Leesang, Ju Ri Jo and Jo Seong Ja If your looking for more information call For more information, please call The Korean Produce Association at (718) 842-2424.

Credit To lawlietta at the article was from there I was just spreading the news 🙂

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