Maerong Radio an Online Asian Radio

Hey everyone it has been a while since I posted something again and I do apologize but I just wanted to share this awesome Online radio station with you guys. Maerong Radio plays all the latest Asian Music it mainly plays K-pop but mixes it up with J-pop and C-pop. There is live djing every night at 10PM EST/ 7PM PST. So if you are looking for an online radio playing the best Asian Music going on then I strongly suggest this site the DJs are very entertaining and funny I myself am also a DJ for this Radio and go by DJ Celestial on there. So I really recommend if you guys are looking for a Asain Radio I suggest you go to

Maerong Radio


4Minute Hyun Ah HUH Get the Look

Hey Guys long time no post Huh 😀 lol. Well I am back now and will try my best to post up more looks to share with you guys. I am sorry for not posting as much as I should but College keeps a girl busy lol. So if you guys havent guessed it yet this is a get the look for Hyun Ah’s HuH MV look  which can be seen in

this photo below

This look is pretty simple a vest a dress and ankle boots but the look calls for edge to pull it off just right which I believe Hyun Ah does perfectly here. I think Hyun Ah has a really interesting style in this MV and she pulls it off really well. Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise she did pull off wearing pants Backwards in her Change MV which is awesome by the way and if you haven’t checked it out yet I recommend you do and you can watch that  here.

Well now enough about that now lets get on to the look shall we 😀

4minute Hyun Ah Huh LookFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

4minute Hyun Ah Huh Look by TwilightLoverXD featuring Miss Selfridge

So I created 3 looks one that looks similar to the one in the picture that Hyun Ah herself is wearing and 2 others which are my own remakes of these outfits though again I failed to stay within budget ): but the looks look Hot in my opinion. so the first look I will start with  will be the one on the top right which I would say is a more chic approach to  Hyun Ah’s look with its black and white appeal it screams taking a risk. The second one has a more feminine touch in the dress its not so form fitting to the body giving the look a more flirty vibe compared to the first look which screams out risk taker and calls for attention. This look also calls for attention but it gives out more of a flirty vibe.

Lastly the third look is basically a close replica of the out fit Hyun Ah herself is wearing in the Picture above for the MV though the only thing that is identical are the boots which are Anaconda Studded boots by Givenchy and might I add that these boots are hot and I would so buy a pair for myself if I was able to walk in heels but for those of you who are interested in more info on these shoes click here. Though these boots are pricey they are indeed hot shoes which I wish I could afford.

So the third look as I was saying is a close replica to the one Hyun Ah is wearing in the picture from the Form fitting dress to the exact shoes to the accessories and vest.

so for now this is all I am going to post for today again I apologize for this long wait for my next post so I hoped this satisfies everyones Kpop Fashion thirst and stick around for the next posts which I will try my best to work on. Be sure to suggest some looks or request any if you want I will try my best to get to it as fast as possible.

So for now I will say my Goodbyes and hope you guys stick around for my next post coming out soon ;D.

Update Holiday Get the look specials coming up

I am very sorry for not updating at all since my SHINee get the look but I have been busy with college XD. The good news is that my long month break is coming up XD so I will be able to update more with more get the looks. So if anyone has any requests please send them to me or leave a comment here on this post. I am going to try to fit in a special Get the look for those who are going to holiday parties if you have any special request for that send me an email at and I will get to it as soon as I can. So stay updated on this blog I will be doing a holiday special on Get the look on some great looks by your favorite kpop stars in a more affordable price XD.

Free Ugg boots contest XD



   Theres a contest to win a free pair of Uggs as we all know Uggs have been really popular item in fashion since they first came out and we all know how comfy and snug they are 🙂 so why not just enter this contest and try your luck to win a pair Uggs are not only perfect for the winter but there excellent with anything so for the contest rules and entry look here and good luck for the ones who enter this contest give away 🙂 this contest is open to anyone and everyone in any country so dont hesitate to enter. The contest is by Whooga Ugg boots

SHINee’s 2009 Year of Us Album Cover Get The Look Female Version

SHINee RingDingDong Cover


Hey everyone sorry for not posting in a while I’ve been busy with school and I have a bunch of Midterms coming up now but I had some time so I thought I would do a post. 🙂

For todays get the look I’m gonna remake SHINee’s cover look for there 2009 Year of Us look but instead of making it male I’m gonna remake it into a female version first then I’ll do a male version sometime soon when I have more free time

ok well here is SHINee’s cover look for femailes XD enjoy !!!



 I only did four looks because it was getting to cluttered I used mainly topshop forever21 and delias most of the outfits are affordable the more pricy items are the leather jacketsand the two pairs of shoes on the bottom. Most of these items here can be mixed in matched in anyway. SSINee’s new concept is a punk with a little edge. My favorite outfit out of the four would have to be the one on the right upper corner because it goes with the SHINee Ring Ding Dong concept but at the same time it can be anything else. I didnt get to put accessories because I ran out of room and I think its better if you guys choose your own accessories since it will make this look yor own. One accessory that I would suggest is a beanie I think a beanie would tye up the outfit nicely.  I forgot to mention just click on the picture of the outfits and it will take you to the page and it gives you the link and price of the item. Well I hope you enjoyed this post please send more requests or vote here for the next possible look 🙂

Announcement KpopFashionFL Has a new Writer Weolcome her :)

Well as all of the readers know I have been looking for  writer’s to help me update this blog and now I have a new Writer for the Blog so I hope everyone welcomes KpopYemein to the KpopFashionFL Team and Look out for her first post. Oh and also credit to her for the new blogs banner and layout she did it isnt it amazing :). I am still looking for more writers as I am now thinking about expanding this blog so that it can be more worldwide so say I live Here in the states so I use the stores available here to create a similar look for Kpop fans to dress like their favorite artists so to expand on this is like having another writer in Japan and using the stores around them and their area to create a kpop look for japanese fans I dont know if I’m making sense though lol so if your interested please don’t hesitate to contact me at Harujukulover@aol.comthe only requirement is to be able to communicate with me in english it doesnt have to be perfect english as long as you can write in english I have no problem in proof reading the articles before hand 🙂 and thanks again to KpopYemien I’ll also be looking out to your first post and welcome to the blog and again thanks for the banner

Super Short Update lol

I will be doing another update after the Fashion Week recaps it will be a Get the look from Dara’s Kiss MV so look forword to do that too XD