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SHINee’s 2009 Year of Us Album Cover Get The Look Female Version

SHINee RingDingDong Cover


Hey everyone sorry for not posting in a while I’ve been busy with school and I have a bunch of Midterms coming up now but I had some time so I thought I would do a post. 🙂

For todays get the look I’m gonna remake SHINee’s cover look for there 2009 Year of Us look but instead of making it male I’m gonna remake it into a female version first then I’ll do a male version sometime soon when I have more free time

ok well here is SHINee’s cover look for femailes XD enjoy !!!



 I only did four looks because it was getting to cluttered I used mainly topshop forever21 and delias most of the outfits are affordable the more pricy items are the leather jacketsand the two pairs of shoes on the bottom. Most of these items here can be mixed in matched in anyway. SSINee’s new concept is a punk with a little edge. My favorite outfit out of the four would have to be the one on the right upper corner because it goes with the SHINee Ring Ding Dong concept but at the same time it can be anything else. I didnt get to put accessories because I ran out of room and I think its better if you guys choose your own accessories since it will make this look yor own. One accessory that I would suggest is a beanie I think a beanie would tye up the outfit nicely.  I forgot to mention just click on the picture of the outfits and it will take you to the page and it gives you the link and price of the item. Well I hope you enjoyed this post please send more requests or vote here for the next possible look 🙂



Hey everyone I’m loooking for more writers to contribute to this blog if your interested contact me at or you can leave a comment with this post or from the one before 🙂

well back on track todays poll is which group or artist do you want me to do a lookof if the group isnt on the list leave a comment on th look you want me to do as well if you do vote for a group or singer and you want a specific look of the person you voted and I’ll post the look for you as soon as possible I’m still getting used to college to find free time is kinda hard but when i get used to things I’ll be following a schedule. Well anyways heres the poll

2NE1 Week Get the look Bom I Don’t Care Look


Well todays get the look is for Bom’s I Dont Care look for this i did it a little different from the rest. I used the 3 looks in different ways and i came up with a edgy concept for the first picture the second a Chic concept for the second pic and a cute/girly for the 3rd picture

and heres the concepts again ignore the screenname lol i wish i could change it lol. Anyways here it is.


 Well with the first picture the outfit is the one on the top left corner this outfit is mostly from topshop just the accessories and the shoes arent topshop and I like both of these outfits because they both look good even if you mix and match them with the legginings and I love the shoes I think there the perfect ones for this outfit.

 For the second picture those outfits are on the bottom right I like the black dress more than the one with the print because I like the simplicity of the dress yet it still has an edge in the midsection were its a cutout deign for these shoe I love these too they are reallyhot and perfect for those who cant really walk in heals becase it has the platform and they also go well with both dresses.

 Now for the last outfit on the top right corner if you notice the blue denim jump suit it is actually the same one that Bom is wearing in the picture and the one on the right is cute too if you want a more girly look to this specific look and the two shoes go good with both outfits if you want to wear more comfortable shoes or if you want to wear the heels the outfits will look good with either one



For make up look at the tutorial from the bottom and as for hair i will try to figure out how the one in the first picture is done and tell you guys but for the last two pics its still the same hairstyle she had in FIRE except in the second picture the pony tail goes toward the back so take in a little more hair and tye it lightly so it doesnt stand up and it lays on your head like Bom’s hairstyle on the last picture is to curl it more in light curls instead of teasing it like the way she wore her hair in FIRE so hope this post ws helpfull spread the word about this blog leave comments and keep voting for the next 2NE1 look you want as well i now have a twitter and i will add the widget for it soon have any quetions send me a message or comment I’ll be back tomorrow with a New 2NE1 post and The surprise is an extra bonus look and i am currently working on it to make it better for you the readers ^-^ and heres the poll again if you want another 2NE1 outfit that i ahvent done yet leave a comment and I will take care of it well here is the poll again

2NE1 Week Get The Look Bom’s FIRE, I Don’t Care Look

PARK BOM FIREuntitledgfh

Well for to day I Will be doing Bom’s FIRE Look this time I used Polyvore to put the outfits together thanks to a suggestion from Lynette/kokokoreano thanks so much for the suggestion it did make it easier so that i can give you the readers the outfit look together well here is Bom’s FIRE Look


Click on the photo and it will take you to the page with the links to the items. (lol ignore the twilightloverXD username lol this account is old and i forgot i had it lol i made it when i was reading the books lol )Okay I’ll start with the look in the top right corner it’s my favorite one because its really pops out but not in a OMG wtf were you thinking thing its ones of those risky things that just works the same goes for the one on the right the lepord print can seem dated but for those who like to take a risk will be the ones to pull it off perfectly the patent lace up boots in between can be worn with both outfits in pink or black for the one on the right or gold or black for the one on the left. high tops would also look good in them I didnt put a pair up since i ran out of space as well as it was looking really crowded lol but I’m happy it worked out in the end.

Now for the bottom two looks are looks similar to what Bom performed with i think the black one looks really pretty and it’s perfect for the night out 😉 lol the one on the right i love the color and the shoes are really hot the shoes for both outfits would actually work with both dresses. The rings and the bracelets can actually go with any of the four outfits as well.

Now for Bom’s Hair and Make-Up


This video i found  is actually a combination of Dara and Bom so Heres a make up tutorial for Bom’s look and it can also be used for Dara’s look from the past posts

Credit to fuzkittie for the makeup tutorial subscribe to her videos if you havent already

Now for Bom’s hair her hair is layered in the top and it has curls but there slightly teased if you try this style be sure not to tease your hair too much to get this look and for the ponytail on the side you have to sepereate your hair from the top half from the front if you have bangs you start behind the bangs and take enough to tye it from at least 1/2 innch from the roots to give it that relaxed look and it still gives that slight lift that Bom has.

Well that is all for Bom’s FIRE look I’ll be back tomorrow with a new 2NE1 Posts keep voting for the one you want to see tomorrow leave comments suggestions anything and get the word out of this blog since school will be starting soon tell me the loks you want to see in a comment for that and I’ll get to it ASAP and heres the same poll from before which member do you want me to do next

well enjoy and leave those comments XD

Quick Update On 2NE1 Week And Surprise to come soon

I’m sorry i havent updated on 2NE1 week yesterday and today i am sunddenly busy but I will continue tomorrow so 2NE1 week is expanded because of my two missing days again i do apologize please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my past posts so that i can improve and spread the word about kpopfashionandtrends leave request anything and i will get back to everyone because of my two missing days i will do a surprise get the look which will make it up i bet everyone can guess what the surprise get the look is lolanyways leave those comments and help me spread the word for this blog and i might need help to keep this blog updated as much so if your interested in helping me email me my email is in my about on the right side or just leave a comment keep the requests coming and heres the same poll from the last post again which look do you want me to do tomorrow

2NE1 Week Get The Look Dara FIRE I Don’t Care Part 2/2

Dara i dont careDara i dont care 2fdg

well today for part2 for Dara I’ll be covering the I Don’t Care Look for me i like this look more than the FIRE look on dara because i like the coloring it makes her look softer and it is feminine with a edgy bohemian touch to it at times.

        First I’ll start with the shirt again I’ll be using Mainly TopShop and I’ll also be using Urban Outfitters as well for shirts i found 4 shirts that could be used and is similar to what Dara wears on their performances Which are these


Which can be found here


Which can be found here


Which can be found here


Which can be found here

For pants i found these 15638901_40_b

which can be found here15574916_10_b


Which can be found here15981772_92_b

Which can be found here


which can be found here

Any of these jeans would fit the look that dara has the first two pairs of jeans dara has actually worn before dara wore the first one for the promo shoot and the picture is at the top of this page and the white high waisted pants for a performance.

Now for shoes i would suggest heels again but be careful with buying heals i suggest if you can’t walk in heals like me -_- lol buy a heal with a platform it makes it way more comfortable and easier to walk in i suggest these two shoes the most they Tye into the outfit and are comfortable enough to walk in the first pair of shoes don’t have a platform but has a cushion to make it a little easier to walk in I suggest if your really good at walking with heals then these are good shoes that fit in perfectly with the look15823628_01_b

Which can be found here


These shoes are really good for people who is’nt as experienced with walking in heels it has a good platform to make it more comfortable to walk but not too much of a platform to have a awkward discomfort.16001265_01_b

these shoes can be found here


For accessories I found these necklaces that look really nice but for accessories i suggest looking for what you think would look best as well to give the outfit your own little twist these accessories are the ones i found 244951_hi

Which can be found here


Which can be found here


As for Make up all you need is foundation and lip gloss and a little bit of eyeliner not to much though since it looks like she doesn’t use much and keeps it natural and for hair  i found a picture that shows off the hairstyle that she uses for the performances if you go to get your hair done  they should get it done perfectly.

 Dara i dont careThis One Is My Fave One lol

Dara i dont care 2dara i dont care3

Well i hope this was help full to everyone and for everyone to bring there inner dara out of them ^-^ now for a quick poll lol

If you have any request leave a comment please leave comments and tell me if there’s anything i need to improve on. More 2NE1week coming your way tomorrow vote for the member and look you want me to do tomorrow

Update 7/28/09 Please Read

So sorry that i haven’t been able to update I’m really busy right now and I’ll be posting again this weekend ill try for tomorrow if possible good news i have everything prepared i just have to find time and ill try ASAP 🙂 the second part of my wonder girls look A lot of 2NE1 looks are coming up soon as well and I’ll be coming out with some more polls and you guys get to choose a look you want me to find for you guys I have tons of looks ready to be put up So for now you guys can vote for what look you want me to put up if you have a request of a look and its not on the list leave a comment and i definatly will get around to it and thanks a lot to those who read my blog or pass it along a read an article i appreciate it a lot and I’m hope I’m being of help to everyone if you have a request don’t hesitate to ask so here’s your poll of the day which look you want me to do next if one that you will like me to do is not up there leave a comment of your request well i have to get back to studying -_- leave comments XD and I’ll be posting again soon Bye ^-^