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SHINee’s 2009 Year of Us Album Cover Get The Look Female Version

SHINee RingDingDong Cover


Hey everyone sorry for not posting in a while I’ve been busy with school and I have a bunch of Midterms coming up now but I had some time so I thought I would do a post. 🙂

For todays get the look I’m gonna remake SHINee’s cover look for there 2009 Year of Us look but instead of making it male I’m gonna remake it into a female version first then I’ll do a male version sometime soon when I have more free time

ok well here is SHINee’s cover look for femailes XD enjoy !!!



 I only did four looks because it was getting to cluttered I used mainly topshop forever21 and delias most of the outfits are affordable the more pricy items are the leather jacketsand the two pairs of shoes on the bottom. Most of these items here can be mixed in matched in anyway. SSINee’s new concept is a punk with a little edge. My favorite outfit out of the four would have to be the one on the right upper corner because it goes with the SHINee Ring Ding Dong concept but at the same time it can be anything else. I didnt get to put accessories because I ran out of room and I think its better if you guys choose your own accessories since it will make this look yor own. One accessory that I would suggest is a beanie I think a beanie would tye up the outfit nicely.  I forgot to mention just click on the picture of the outfits and it will take you to the page and it gives you the link and price of the item. Well I hope you enjoyed this post please send more requests or vote here for the next possible look 🙂