Get Navi’s look from Kim Jeong-Eun’s Chocolate

Credit to CodeMonMonSeason2 For The Video f Navi

Today Navi performd Hot n Cold by Katy Perry so im gonna I’m gonna show you were you can get something similar to what Navi wore on her showcase on Kim Jeong-Eun’s Chocolate. I’ll start wih the dress


Which can be found here


For the shoes i found these



Which can be found here


As For Accessories i found these




These Accessories can be found here and here

And thats it to Navis look i think this look is best for an nice evening out and any special occassion I Might do a Katy Perry look next  

Out of curiousity



Who wore it better Sohee vs. MINJI vs. CL

Okay for my second poll is between 2NE1’s CL and Minji And WGs Sohee who do you think worked it best


                                               WGs Sohee






                                                    Miss C to the L of 2NE1

                                 Well what do you think who wore it best


Get The Wonder Girls Nobody Look Part 1 Casual

For todays get the look I’ll show you were you can get the nobody look in both a Casual and Evening way if you wnat to dress up for prom or you want to club or out in general Today I’ll start with the more asual approach

The first outfit is this picyure which is also my favorite picture



Well for a casual take on this outfit i would say something like this

                                  use this one

Which can be found here i tried finding more dresses similar to the ones in the picture but most of these dresses come in a solid color. Another dress that would look good is this dress

 More Casual White Red And Black

Which can be found here this dress also comes in red and white since its hard to find a dress which has a closer color scheme as the ones as thewonder girls are wearing I’m going to try to fnd fabric stores and I’ll teach you guys how to make the dress since its a simple dress to make

Shoes That would go well with the two out fits would be 15729692_01_b

Which could be found here these shoes are better if you want to wear the outfit without the tight/leggings

Tights like these seem to fit the two dresses the best



Which can be found here

or if you want something with a more solid color maybe something like these


Which can be found here

Shoe that would fit better with the dress if worn with tight would be


Which can be found here


for accessoriess to finish of this look i suggest any bangles  with a bright color i would put one up but the ones i find most are of darker colors and i feel that bright accssories make the outfit pop a little more since the dresses are solid colors fro earings i suggest some hoop earings or some nice dangle earings i suggest looking through or its better to choose your own accessories for this look because it can be done in many ways so hope you enjoyed part 1 of Woner Girls Nobody look and ill bring part 2 soon ill try by tomorrow or later today since im still looking for an evening look that would be nice in prom or a special occasion

Who Wore It Better 2NE1 Dara Or Yoon Eun Hye


Well This dress which is in the Gucci Fall 2009 collection has been scene on Dara of 2NE1 heres a picture of the model who wore it on the fashion show



                         And heres dara picture from the Numero Shoot




And Yoon Eun Hye also wore the same dress the Gucci Event with Daniel Henny as seen here


So Who Do You Think Wore It Better Dara or Yoon Eun Hye or do you think they both worked it?

Credit to kstyleblog for the picture of the model and the info on the dress 🙂 check out there site as well its really good

First Post Yay Get SNSD Gee Look



 Well for my first post I’m goin to show you how you can find a similar look like SNSD during there Gee days

First I’ll start with the jeans i found similar jeans like thisGee Jeans

Can be found in Hottopic  Here There Currently On Sale So Be Quick They Also Come In Many Different Colors There On Clearance As Well So Be Quick If You Want To Buy Them


gee shirt 1

 For The T-shirts I found this shirt which is similar to Sunnys shirt which can be found here  if this one doesnt interest you here you can find more shirts that might interest you as well. This shirt can also fit into the Gee look



                    Which Can Be Found here this item is also on clearance at hottopic so be quick if you want it

For Shoes I found these three pairs one That Resembles HyeYeon

 Hyeyeon shoes

Which can be found Here and anther pair that resembles Fanys fanys shoes

   These were the best i could find ill keep a look out for better ones in the future they only come in black they can be bought here

                  Shoes that are similar to what the rest of the girls are wearing


These shoes can be found here if you don’t like these you can browse through here they have a lot of shoes that resemble the ones there wearing and in different colors as well

For the jackets that the girls wore in some of there perfomances i can’t find it at the moment so if someone can hel me find it that will be great thanks in advance 🙂

For acessories i found these gee accersory

                                                Which can be found here


gee accersory.jpg1

 Which can be found heregee accersory.jpg2

                                                 Which can be found here


gee accesory3

Which can be found Here if these aceessories dont appeal to you try checking out the accesories in they have a lot of cute accessories

Well this is all for my first post hope everyone finds this useful and if you have any comments that can help me improve this blog more feel free to comment thanks for reading ^-^